About us

Natural Resource Management Company is a forestry, wildlife and fisheries, and real estate company that serves private landowners.  Our specialty is timber and land sales. Our clients particularly value the high prices we are able to help them get for their timber and land. We have been in business in East Central Mississippi since 1991 and at our present location in Collinsville, Mississippi since 1997.

We provide timber sales assistance to ensure landowners get the highest price for their timber. Our registered forester will evaluate your timber and assist you through every step of the sale process. We will work hard to see that you receive the highest price for your timber and that it is harvested in a safe and enviromentally sound manner.

We assist with the sale and aquisition of land. As real estate brokers experienced with timber and farm land, we will work hard to see that you get the most for your property.

We prepare and implement forest, wildlife, and fishery management plans to help landowners realize all of the benefits of land ownership, financial or otherwise.

We do timber appraisals, timber stand improvement, wildlife habitat improvement, thinning, marking, cruising and boundary maintenance. We assist with all phases of reforestation and aforestation, including site preparation, herbicide application, prescribed burning, seedling selection and aquisition, planting, and more.

We stock, fertilize, and manage farm ponds and lakes. We stock Coppernose Bluegill, Red Ear Sunfish, F1 "Tiger" Largemouth Bass, Fathead Minnows, and Grass Carp.

 If you have timber or land to sell, call us before you sell.

For a free initial inspection of timber in Mississippi or Alabama and free management advice on timber, land, farm ponds, tree planting, food plots, wildlife habitat, and more, you can reach us at 601-626-8088 and by fax at 601-626-8087. You can also contact us at our e-mail address: nrmc@comcast.net. Please let us know what your needs and questions are, we will be more than happy to help.